Falling into purple-work it Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I have been LOVING jewel tones for fall..some royal purples..deep teal..I just think they are beautiful! So when I came across this dress I knew I wanted to use it for my VERY FIRST:


I think its a great idea by good life for less where you pick a piece or trend and show how you can wear it in three different ways. This is my first one so I am hoping I will get better at the arrangement and hopefully get a little more risky and creative with the outfits! Please bear with me! Let me know what what you guys think and which ones your favorite? What are some fall trends you are looking forward to? Xoxo!

work it wednesday mark dress

work it wednesday mark dress by daisygirl89

I ♥… Shopping!


I think the title of this post is pretty self-explanatory. I love to shop! Where I go to college (or as I say in my head, university), the store with the trendiest and cutest clothes is Maurice’s. So of course I’m there at least once a week but I only usually buy something maybe once a month. Well, my parents recently gave me a gift of money to spend on new pretty things… okay, they said it was for fun, but to me that means new pretty things =) So, I went to Maurice’s and bought the few things I had been eyeing since I came back to school. So here are the pictures of my purchases! (I also bought the dress I blogged about from Old Navy).

I wanted a new long sleeve shirt that was simple and had a fun color. This picture doesn’t do it justice because in real life, it is a rich purple.

I am obsessed with animal prints and these shoes are the cutest pair ever! Plus all of the animal print products at Maurice’s were 1/2 off!

I have a pair of peacock feather earrings that are super cute, so I thought, why not get earrings that feature the beautiful bird itself!

I really wanted a neutral bag with fun details and this bag is exactly what I was looking for. The picture makes it seem black but it’s really a charcoal gray. It has a crocodile embossment and a cute buckle detail on the straps. Now, drumroll please for my very favorite purchase…

A leopard print overnight bag!! You can’t really tell it’s patterned because the shiny gun-metal color shades it in the picture.  I seriously want to take a trip so that I can use this bag. It’s just so darn cute!

Well, those were my purchases and I had a fantastic time shopping!

Could it be job time already?


The Look of a True Professional Most people feel like they are all grown up when they finish high school. In reality however, I don’t think we are grown up at all. Personally, it was not until I came to college that I understood what being a “grown up” really was (and even now there are things I have yet to learn. Let’s not rush them!) Here at ASU, I am in charge of keeping my room clean, buying groceries, keeping my car filled with gas, washing my clothes, keeping tabs on my money, and the list goes on. And as if that was not enough, along with these responsibilities, comes an inevitable time when all of us have to consider… a JOB. Okay deep breaths, no hyperventilating please. Everyone, listen EVERYONE has to do this at one point or another. Job interviews are part of life they should be an empowering experience, not an unpleasant one.  Keep reading to find out how.

Once you prepare yourself (i.e. your resume, research on the company, preparing a list of sample questions and answers, etc.) it is time to think about what in the world you are going to wear. Although this should not be number one priority, when it comes to interviews, you need to leave a good impression all around. Why is what you wear important? When you first walk into an interview, the first thing the employer sees is your outfit. Companies say they don’t judge a book by its cover but in truth, many companies size you up within that first minute of you walking in (before you even say a single word). Now don’t fret, there is a way to get around this little hurdle, but you have to concentrate. The trick is to make yourself believe with all your heart that you are worth a million bucks and you belong with them. There are no ifs ands or buts to this rule (it should be a rule!). If you don’t believe it, neither will they.

To help you feel like a million bucks without actually dishing out a million bucks, I The Art of Dressing Professionally looked up a store very similar to New York and Co., but with a slightly better selection and quality of items if I do say so myself. This store is called White House Black Market. Located at Kierland Commons, (remember from my previous post) this store has everything you could ever need to look absolutely fabulous for your interview. Complete with sweaters, blouses, skirts, dress pants, shoes, clutches, jewelry, what more do you need! The store is kept very clean, and items are easily found without much of a hassle. The staff was super friendly, and they are all very quick in helping you find just what you are looking for. I also like when employees greet customers upon arrival, especially when they have a genuine smile too. Kudos to them! Oh and unlike other stores, if the last item in your size is on a mannequin, they will gladly remove it just for you.

Now on to the important portion, the sale section! White House Black Market has its sale section on the left hand side of the store in the back corner. Here is where the real magic begins. Do you think you can handle it? Let’s find out. Dress pants on sale had a price set at $59.99 from $98. I also saw a good variety of skirts available, with prices ranging from $24.99 – $49.99. There were plenty of blouses to choose from here as well, for example a black satinWhite House Black Market Shoe Section button up shirt at $29.99 originally $68, or a sweaters at $49.99 originally at $88. Simple blouses ranged from $39.99 – $49.99 with the original prices ranging from $74 – $88. I also found a nice cropped tan colored striped blazer at $89.99 from $158. As you can see their sale items have about a 50% discount if not more. I would recommend investing in some key pieces here as these items are stylish and they are of good quality, which means they will last you a long time. Total plus!

I also have to note that the clothing on these racks is very nicely divided into blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, etc., but don’t go expect perfectly sorted out clothes, keep in mind this is still a sale rack.

As far as accessories go, there was a beautiful giant red snakeskin clutch on sale for $34.99 from $58. There was not a huge selection of shoes on sale, but the shoes they did have were very cute. The shoes on sale were priced at $49.99 with the original price ranging from $98 – $108.There was no real selection in sale jewelry either, but luckily you go minimalist regarding accessories at an interview. Remember, you should be the focus of your employer’s attention, not your designer bag, or your sparkling Tacori earrings or your manicured nails.

That’s it for me; visit White House Black Market at my obviously new favorite shopping center Kierland Commons. And good luck with any future interviews! Remember, you belong there. Be fierce ladies!

PS. I found out Kierland Commons has its own Resort just a walk away from the main shopping center! Could this place get any better?

Jane Eyre


My first experience with English Romantic literature was when I chose Jane Eyre as my summer vacation reading material at the ripe old age of 12.  It took some dexterity to get through it, but get through it I did!  And I loved every minute of it!

I recently rented Cary Fukanaga’s Jane Eyre with Mia Wasikowska and the sexy sexy Michael Fassbender.  Five minutes into it and I was once again swept away into another world with big old houses and perfectly coiffed hair.

I began to notice just a smidge of this refined, lady-like fashion in some of the photos from Fashion Weeks around the globe.  Like all fashion, there were small nods to times past, and while there was no general emphasis on early 19th century fashion, I took a nostalgic glimpse.

Prim and proper gloves at Erdem.

Fluffy neck adornments at Carolina Hererra.

A modern take on ladies’ boots.  While the wooden heel and plastic shaft of these Marc Jacobs boots scream “FUTURE!” the shape of the shoe and heel whisper “Regency fashion.”

This Rachel Zoe dress is drop dead gorgeous.  With a metallic sheen and sheerness that would make Jane Eyre blush, this dress is made for today’s women, but the silhouette and voluminous sleeves make it feel elegant and timeless.

Elizabeth Bennet would pre-order this menswear inspired Christopher Kane coat in a feminine print.

While Jane Eyre didn’t quite fit into her life and time, I know she would thrive in today’s world.  Like the women who would rock these trends today, Jane knew who she was and wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she believed in.  (Her hairstyles were pretty rad too.)

Just for reference, check out this sweet milkmaid braid/bun combo:




Photos from Style.com

Bridal footwear – offer a finishing touch

Every bride understands that finishing their unique appear requires time and consideration. Usually, brides start by selecting their dress after which move onto accessories like veil, purse and footwear. Bridal footwear can offer the finishing touch for the bride to become.

Bridal footwear ought to be selected early on. This may allow the bride to determine her total ensemble at an earlier date. Moreover, when the brides gown is tailored wearing the bridal footwear guarantees that the hem will probably be tailored towards the correct length.

Many brides think about their husband to become and his height when selecting bridal footwear. Most brides like their fianc  to seem taller then them in photographs. When choosing a bridal shoe choose a greater heel in case your fianc is substantially taller you then.

Women ought to think about comfort when choosing bridal footwear. For ladies unaccustomed to substantial heeled footwear it might be uncomfortable, and footwear ought to be worn throughout the home to ensure that they’re broken in prior to the day with the wedding.

Bridal footwear are available in a broad array of fabrics and colours. White, cream and light hues are most favored. Embellishments like beads, sequins and embroidery add much more drama to bridal footwear.

Dorothy’s Red Boots


Casual yet Cool

We have a couple of really good friends coming to adventure this weekend from Australia which is pretty exciting – we love any chance to show off the beauty that is Amsterdam. Their visit happens to coincide with the All Blacks playing France this morning (a pretty important game for anyone from NZ) which means an early start to the weekend and an excuse to plan the perfect Saturday exploring/rugby watching/bike riding/beers in the sun outfit.

I decided that it will definitely be a trousers day with all the walking and riding we will be doing and went to Net-a-Porter for my inspiration; playing on this fashion mecca of a website takes up literally hours of my day; I love exploring the range of designers they represent, how easy the site is to navigate and how they present the clothing with a range of photos showing the item from all angles, including on a model which is key to envisioning on your own person. This site is The Worlds Wardrobes inspiration and motivation.

Emma Cook Merino wool pantsAnyway, back to the trousers – I spied these grey Emma Cook Merino Wool Pants and was instantly sold; at first glance they could be a trackpant style (which would be a little too casual for the look I’m going for) but upon closer inspection, their Merino fabric gives that element of dressiness but the overall pant is kept relaxed with the tapered slouchy style.

Rick Owens Blister washed-leather biker jacketI LOVE a leather jacket, especially one that has tight long sleeves, a large collar and is double breasted like this Blister Wash Leather Jacket from Rick Owens  I actually found this through my net-a-porter explorations; it was recommended as a “wear it with” with another pair of tapered pants I was considering and while not sold on the pant, the jacket was a definite for this look.

Sigerson Morrison Fold-over suede ankle bootsThese gorgeous red Sigerson Morrison seude ankle boots were inspired by my good friend Bee who has been doing her own style challenge this week and my favourite outfit of the week (so far) featured a funky pair of red boots. I love the instant POP! this colour gives to the outfit and the playfulness/weekend vibe it creates. Dorothy has a lot to answer for with her red shoes.

Alexander McQueen Swarovski crystal and brass skull necklaceTo finish the look off, I decided to try out some statement jewellery which is the theme of a blog post I’m putting together. I’m going plain under the leather jacket with a white-tee and this Alexander McQueen Brass Skull Necklace definitely adds pimp/statement factor.
Michael Kors 'Runway' Chronograph Watch Gold One Size

I’ve added my favourite Michael Kors Runway Watch in gold with a couple of bracelets for the bohemian aspect (a must-have for my outfits) and because I really like the look of loose jewellery of top of a tight sleeve.

This weekend is going to be so fun having our friends in town; as much fun as planning this outfit was. What cool stuff have you got on this weekend and would be your dream outfit to go with it?

Seven Things that Make Fall Sizzle

{Football}  It’s an excuse for having Sunday Funday every Sunday!  I still don’t know that much about it, but I’m learning a tidbit or two each week.  And even in Denver, I love being a Bears fan.  Our team might not always win, but we fans are loyal and very dedicated to our team in good times and in bad.

{Hoodies & Sweatpants}  We went camping a couple of weeks ago, and in the mountains fall is on fast forward.  It’s gorgeous: the Aspen trees with their white trunks and contrasting leaves fading to shades of deep red and pumpkin.  And even though it was freezing in the morning {believe me, there really was a frost and you could see your breath in September}, it was the perfect opportunity to bring out my favorite warm hoodie and cozy sweatpants, which I’ve missed dearly all summer.

{Baking}  Personally, I think there’s never a wrong moment to fire up the oven and create a tasty baked good.  But when it’s 99 degrees and you live in the Mile High City with no central air conditioning, even I have a hard time getting into the true mood of baking.  On a crisp Saturday morning in Fall though, nothing seems better than warming up the apartment with birthday cupcakes for a friend.

{Candles}  They’re romantic and instantly cozy up a space on a chilly evening, especially when they’re pumpkin scented.

{Boots}  I wore my boots for the first time today since last ‘boot season.’  I figure when it’s in the 40s when you wake up, you’re allowed to don your tootsies in fuzziness.

{TV is back}  I’m not a huge TV watcher anyway, but having Modern Family return to perk up the middle of my work week does make me smile.

{Switching from iced to hot coffee}  Iced was nice during the heat of summer.  You can’t deny it though, nothing beats a pumpkin latte.  And on those 40 degree mornings not only does my coffee warm up my tummy, but it makes my hands happier on the steering wheel when I’m at a stoplight and get to hold my travel mug.